“By establishing yourself in the flow of generosity, whatever you give will come back many fold.”  ~Swami Kripalu

We are so blessed to have Muktidham where Bapuji Kripalu reached enlightenment and paved the way for all humanity to follow. Muktidham is a living, breathing, present day portal through which Bapuji’s love and grace enters our lives. To invest our time, energy, and money here shows us our real purpose and priorities. In giving wholeheartedly, we reap supreme blessings in so many areas of our lives, including prosperity in our professional lives, harmony in our family lives, and progress on our spiritual path.

The Muktidham Stewardship Program is an opportunity to protect Muktidham’s present and future. Minimum expenses to keep Muktidham open are $325 each week, which is $1300 each month. This does not include desperately needed maintenance and repairs.

Muktidham Stewards commit to donate one month’s expense $108, a yearly total of $1300, on a regular basis. This can be done through yearly donation or several donations (monthly or quarterly) throughout the year. Donations can be made as a group or individual. The more Stewards we have the sooner Muktidham’s present and future will be guaranteed.

Stewardship benefits include two personal retreats at Muktidham and personal intentions offered at monthly chants throughout the entire year.  Commitments and donations can be made at any time throughout the year. Contact us at for more information.


Muktidham Stewards


The following people have graciously promised Muktidham their stewardship.

Charlyn Reihman
Tom Capone
Bob Rodini
Steve Dorn
Hari Zandler
Paul Herzer
Dave Shaw
Cynthia Lopata
Lisa & Todd Hoover

The Kripalvananda Yoga Institute, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Your financial contribution may be tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Please consult with your financial advisor to determine the extent of tax deductibility